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I'm so bloody disappointed with Professor Leyton right now I could cry.

It's like the first two were made for me (hair-pulling hard puzzles, crazy animations, lovely story) and the "Lost Future" is made for a 4 years old. AKLJFHASJKHADH WTF.

The puzzles are stupidly easy (not once it made me want to look for the cheat sheet..), the story is..I don't even know..and WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH THE PEOPLE THEY MEET!? The dialogues are embarassing, seriously. I had to go through a 2 minutes convo with the University Dean who begged me to not reveal to his nephews that he couldn't solve their puzzles and that he had to ask for help..
The parrot mini games are the lamest thing I've ever seen, and what's with the mini car races? 

AND THEN THE RECAPS! REALLY. Do we really need to stop every 10 puzzles and RE TELL THE WHOLE STORY AGAIN, in addition to the annoying 'the story so far' every time you start the game?? REALLY? Especially when it's not like we had come a long way story wise, I mean, we are still roaming about, meeting people that says stuff like 'oh, what a wonderful morning, it makes me think about this puzzle about random shapes that don't fit together..' WHY OMFG WHY!?!?

I'm halfway through and I want to either kill me, Luke, Leyton or the annoying chick that tagged along and nobody wants around..

Get your act together, game, I'm ready to beat you with a pillowcase filled with dead batteries.



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Nov. 7th, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
I agree, the puzzles are much easier in the third game, but the plot gets soooo wonderful as the game goes on. I CRIED SO HARD.
And I like the sticker mini-game!

Trust me, just stick with it (and if you like the sliding puzzles you'll get a couple of tough ones).
Nov. 10th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
The Subject 3 story scarred me for life, OMG.

The sliding puzzles are the easiest! I can't stand the math ones, and I DO. NOT. LIKE. WHEN. THEY. CHEAT. They give you a set of complex rules and then all you have to do is break the rule and you solve it. WTF.
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